Green Building

This cabin was built to be the most energy efficient cabin on the market.  Utilizing Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction for the walls and roof provide a strong and energy efficient structure that will cost nearly half to heat and cool than a conventionally built home.  We used energy efficient doors and windows with an electric heat pump for heating and cooling.  The system works great, and provides a comfortable spot to throw your feet up and watch a movie, read a book, or just listen to the crickets.


Structural Insulated Panels
We have spent years looking for the best way to contruct a building and this is it!  Time is money in the construction business, and once you have spent the time and money you hope your investment will be there for years to come.  SIPs provide a quicker build time, a stronger structure, and a more energy efficient shell, sometimes cutting utility costs as much as 70%.

It also reduces the amount of onsite waste generated by the building process.  Not only are we saving energy costs by building with SIPs, we are reducing the amount of waste that is being sent to the landfill. 

Honestly, we were building green before building green was cool.

Bring us your plan, we can accommodate just about anything you can throw at us.  We have connections in the industry to get the best pricing, help with design issues and engineering, and have your project shipped to your doorstep ready for our crew to assemble it in no time. 

Watch the YouTube video to see an installation happen in under 16 hours...

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This is a design/build project in the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma near beautiful Broken Bow Lake.  It is a vacation rental cabin with 1500 square feet of luxurious living, including 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tile showers, hard wood floors, a spacious deck with hot tub and an outside fireplace.